‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Shay Mitchell Spills Season 5 Finale Secrets

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Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is spilling major secrets about tonight’s highly-anticipated Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale!

Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields on the show, told us what we can expect before tonight’s show. Plus, Mitchell also spoke to us about becoming a host for her new project with SweeTARTS. Check out the details in the interview below!

After five seasons, the big “A” mystery might be resolved tonight. We asked Mitchell to tell us what we can all expect from the episode, and she revealed, “I can say that everything is amped up to the fullest. I mean not just the script but the costumes, the sets, everything. It’s pretty insane and I’m really excited for everybody to see what’s going to happens.”

We’ll have to wait until tonight to find out more secrets, but most of the cast of PLL already knows who “A” is. Shay told us, “A lot of the cast had found out way earlier that I had who ‘A’ was. But, yeah I think I have a pretty good idea.”

So, will everyone be shocked? “Yes,” Shay told us. “Everybody will definitely be pleasantly shocked, I can say that 100 percent.”

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Yesterday was the cast’s first day back from vacation. They took a break after filming the season 5 finale, and now they’re back to work on season 6!

The cast has been working together since 2010, and they’re all very close, which helps add to the believability on screen. Mitchell told us, “We are actually really close, all of us, and it’s really nice to have that kind of relationship after five years. So, we’re all very fortunate, it’s like going to work with sisters.”

When she’s not working on PLL, Mitchell is getting involved with some other great projects. Mitchell recently partnered with SweeTARTS to host a show called “Get Roped In” on YouTube.


The show pairs YouTube stars up with their fans, and one lucky winner gets to go on a solo date! When talking about the experience Shay told us, “I’m really excited for everybody to see what we’ve been working. It’s kind of the perfect collaboration because I myself have been a huge fan of SweeTARTS candies to begin with. But, then when they came out with these new ropes and had the idea to do the ‘Get Roped In’ dating show I was like, “Uh yes, I’ll host it! I can’t think of anything more fun!’ And then we got to pair together three really fun amazing YouTube stars with their fans. Then they were able to go on a group date with them.”

Sounds like a lot of fun! You can watch the first video next week on the SweeTARTS Candy YouTube channel!

Catherine Valdes, Shay Mitchell

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Before we let Mitchell go, we had to ask about her some health and beauty tips! How does she get that amazing body? How does she get that gorgeous hair?!

When it comes to fitness, Mitchell works out with Gunnar Peterson, who also trains the Kardashians! Check out this Instagram she just posted.

Back at it… and it feels so good! Working it out with @gunnarfitness !!!

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She puts in the work and she looks amazing.

What about Mitchell’s beautiful hair? She told us, “Honestly I’m a big fan of those beach sprays that have the sea salt infused texturizing spray. To be honest, when I’m not on set I don’t like to do my hair. I feel like a lot of people whether they have straight hair, wavy hair, it can give the perfect amount of texture to your hair with just a spritz. I love that, I think they’re many different brands that offer that beach spray.”

I'm gonna soak up the sunnnn ☀️ #verticalLounging @selmanmarrakech pool . #ShaycationMorocco

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Who else will be buying this ASAP? LOL.

Be sure to watch the season 5 finale of PLL tonight on ABC Family!