Taylor Swift Shuts Down the Princeton Review

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Taylor Swift

Rule No. 1: Don’t mess with Taylor Swift.

The 25-year-old just schooled the Princeton Review after they tried to criticize her lyrics. Check out the Tumblr post below!

When Swift saw a Tumblr post showing her song lyrics, it caught her attention. The post was of a page from the Princeton Review SAT book. The page says, “Pop lyrics are a great source of bad grammar. See if you can find the error in each of the following.” It then shows lyrics of songs from artists like Swift and Katy Perry.

The only problem? They have the wrong lyrics to Swift’s song, “Fifteen.” Swift decided to point out this error by posting the photo on her Tumblr account.


Actual lyrics: “‘Cause when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.”

Taylor Swift: 1, Princeton Review: 0.