That Time Tom Hanks and James Corden Recreated Every Tom Hanks Movie in 8 Minutes

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Tom Hanks the Video Star
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James Corden had some massive star power for his first ever Late Late Show, thanks to Mila Kunis (and her maybe wedding confirmation) and Tom Hanks, who helped the British comedian pay tribute to Hanks’ illustrious movie career.

From Forrest Gump to Sleepless in Seattle (Corden plays such a great Annie), to the trenches of Saving Private Ryan and the baseball fields of A League of Their Own, the gentlemen actually manage to pull off the hilarious sketch, red face paint and all.

A bunch of other kind stars, including Meryl Streep (who introduced herself as “19-time Academy Award nominee”) also helped “prep” Corden for his big debut.

Corden, 36, was officially hired for the Late Late Show job in September, filling the shoes of Craig Ferguson, who taped his last show in December.