Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Grandma Cissy Houston Breaks Silence

It’s been nearly two months since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub, and now her grandmother Cissy Houston is finally breaking her silence.

Nick Gordon v. Bobby Brown
War is raging between Bobby Brown and Nick Gordon.

Whitney Houston’s mother thanked everyone who has been supporting the family during this difficult time while chatting with New York radio station WBLS FM 107.5.

“I feel every bit of it,” Cissy said of the outreach. “I truly do.”

Recently moved from the Emory University Hospital to the Atlanta facility, Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma. “She’s the same,” Cissy responded when asked about her granddaughter’s current state. “We’ve moved her to a place for rehabilitation, and you know, still not a great deal o hope. [We’re] still praying.”

However, Cissy remained calm throughout the interview and admits she has learned to let God take the wheel, no matter the outcome.

“I don’t pray like that. I give it to God one time, because I know He’s able,” she said. “And I cannot change a thing. I’m asking everybody: ‘Just pray to the Lord who we know CAN do something about it.'”

She continues, “If He works a miracle, thank God,” she said. “If it happens the other way, I’m alright.”

Watch the full interview in the video above.