Chris Brown Wants His Baby Mama and Daughter Royalty to Move to L.A.

In a bid to become 2015’s Father of the Year, Chris Brown reportedly wants his baby mama and his surprise daughter to move to Los Angeles so they can be closer to him.

After the baby bomb dropped last month, the 25-year-old rapper is seemingly trying to be a more active co-parent with Nia Guzman to their 9-month-old baby Royalty.

According to TMZ, the 25-year-old has spent some time with Royalty, but it’s been difficult to see her more because she and Guzman live so far away from him. Although he and the 31-year-old Houston model are not romantically involved (at this moment), he’s reportedly asked her to move to L.A. so that he can see Royalty on the daily.

Furthermore, he’s promised to pay for their home.

TMZ notes that their sources say, “…if she moves to L.A. he won’t pull the trigger on a child support court case and she’ll continue getting the premium amount, in addition to a place to live.”

To back up, Brown is currently in “negotiations” over child support with Guzman. In the beginning, Brown was paying her informal child support, which was an amount more than he’d be required to under the law. But when Guzman allegedly started spilling stories about his baby drama, Brown threatened to take his case to court and have a judge mandate a less expensive price of child support.

Even if Guzman and Royalty pick up and move to L.A., doubt we’ll be seeing any “Baby on Board” stickers on the back windshield of his minivan Lamborghini.

Royalty was most recently spotted being carried to his tour bus by one of his assistants during a stop in Houston. Additionally, a video (courtesy of TMZ) has surfaced of her watching Brown’s new music video, “New Flame,” on an iPad. It’s believed her maternal grandmother originally posted it to Instagram:

Seeing her watch him is pretty adorable.