The Kardashians Have Reportedly Attempted Multiple Interventions for Rob

Rob Kardashian Compares Kim Kardashian to Rosamund Pike's 'Gone Girl' Psycho Villain
After being MIA for months, Rob Kardashian just did something kind of crazy.

The Kardashians have reportedly attempted to stage multiple interventions for Rob Kardashian, with little success.

Everyone has become very concerned for Rob after he compared his sister Kim to a psychopath on Instagram. Now, we’re learning more about what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

It sounds like Rob is in a really bad place right now emotionally. A source told People, “He’s sad, he’s bitter, he’s single. He is very depressed and has been [for a while]. It’s really hard for him that his sisters are so public and he looks like the shut-in.”

A production source told the magazine, “The attitude has always been that when Rob gets his act together, starts working out and loses weight, everything will be good and he will be happy. But behind the weight gain is this very unhealthy mental state that he keeps struggling with.”

The source went on to say that the family has attempted to stage multiple interventions, with little success. The source explained, “He is very against therapy and any kind of rehab. But his family will continue to push for him to get help until he does.”

As for why Rob posted that Instagram of Kim, some people are saying that it was just a “dumb” joke. But, a source told Us Weekly that Rob “is in a dark place.” According to the source, “Kim told him he needs to get out of his funk.” It sounds like Rob posted the Instagram after filming a scene with Kim for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

A second source reveals, “His post was about how she seems caring in public, but he feels ignored.”

If you’ve watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you know that Kim is all about tough love. Another source told the magazine that it’s just “not Kim’s personality to nurture. She loves him, but she’s direct.”

This should make for one interesting season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Let’s hope Rob can get the help he needs.