Obsessions of the Week: Lady Gaga’s Dog Has Instagram, ‘Girls,’ ‘Bloodline,’ Festivals, and More

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Each Wednesday, the editors of Celebuzz tell you what we’re loving this week. From Lady Gaga’s dog, Asia, getting her own Instagram account to the season finale of Girls, here are our current picks.

Miss Asia Kinney Is Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Fact: I follow more dogs than people on Instagram. The latest pup to receive my hearts on the regular is Miss Asia Kinney, the dog child of Lady Gaga and fiancé Taylor Kinney. Asia’s only a few days into posting, so let her experiment with captions, poses and the like before throwing minimal judgment. (It’s probably Gaga running the whole show, anyway, so in that case, don’t judge at all). - Peggy


Girls Season 4 Finale

The girls on Girls each had their Lean In moment on Sunday’s season 4 finale. Shoshanna (aka the best character) lands her dream job in Japan. Wondering whether she should take it or stay in New York in the name of love, she gets the advice: “be the walker, not the dog.” Ain’t that the truth; needless to say, she’s moving to Tokyo. Meanwhile, Jessa for once steps up and saves a baby, and Marnie does her boring singer-songwriter routine without Desi the douche. As for Hannah, dear Hannah, after rejecting Adam, we see her “six months later” embarking on a new journey with Fran (FRAN! The best named character). All in all, a great finale. – Kaitlyn


The latest Netflix original series comes courtesy the creators of Damages, one of my favorite (criminally underrated) shows. Bloodline follows a family in the Florida Keys, and that family, dear readers, has secrets. Dark secrets. Murder secrets. I’m only a few episodes deep, and the series is admittedly much slower than I would have thought. But the cast — which includes Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek, Linda Cardellini, Ben Mendelsohn, and more — and the steamy setting are both fantastic draws. I’m intrigued to see how it builds to the (literally) explosive conclusion it teased in the pilot.  – Matt

Fresh Off The Boat’s Constance Wu

Say hello to my favorite new sitcom mom. Constance Wu stars in the new ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and she pretty much steals the show with her deft comic delivery. She is the number one reason to watch this show. Trust me, you’ll laugh. Fun fact, she’s actually only 26 years old. - Michael

Music Festival Season

Spring is finally upon us — so naturally, every summer festival out there is releasing their highly-anticipated lineups. From Kendrick Lamar headlining both San Fransico’s Outside Lands Festival and Canada’s Osheaga to the freshly announced, star-studded Lollapalooza lineup, this year’s festival season is proving to be one to never forget. Prepare to be both broke and sunburnt come September. – Gabi

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Some seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians can get a little boring. But, the show is definitely bringing the drama this season. We’re only on episode 2 of season 10 and we already have Kim and Kourtney yelling at each other and Scott Disick doing something crazy. It’s so good. - Jess

The Cut’s Impressive List of Every Single Rap Song That Mentions Monica Lewinsky

It doesn’t matter what your opinion of Monica Lewinsky is at this point. It doesn’t matter if you like her more or less following her TED Talk from last week. One of the most amazing things to come out of Lewinsky’s most recent dip in the spotlight pool is this great discovery that the former White House intern is mentioned in more than 120 rap songs. Check out The Cut’s list here. And someone text me when a Spotify list has been created. – Peggy

Fran Lebowitz’s Style Advice

Another one of my favorite Fran’s is Fran Lebowitz, who is perhaps the most fashionable yet elusive woman in New York City. She did an interview with ELLE giving her 2 cents about fashion, resulting in the best interview ever. Some highlights include: “…people need special costumes to ride bicycles. I mean, a helmet, what, are you an astronaut??”; “…more people should wear overcoats than those damned down jackets. Please. Are you skiing, or are you walking across the street?”; and “if you’re naturally beautiful, wear what you want, but that’s .01% of people.” Her biggest takeaway: “Not all of us are beautiful. But we can appear fine looking. So we should. Feeling good about an outfit is the point at which that outfit finally becomes good.” Give in, read the entire interview here, and take note. – Kaitlyn

Angelina Jolie’s Brave Decision

Coming from a family in which several members have battled cancer, Angelina Jolie’s decision to have her ovaries removed struck close to home. I watched my own mother go through the same process after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I can only imagine the courage it takes for both she and Jolie to make such a decision. I commend the actress’ bravery in speaking publicly about the experience and helping raise awareness across the world. -Kendall

Roisin Murphy – “Exploitation”

Roisin Murphy is set to release Hairless Toys, her first album since 2007 (!!!) in May, and though that news is astounding in and of itself, the fact that we get to hear music from it before then is almost more than I can handle.  Murphy just released “Exploitation,” the second taste of the album (she shared “Gone Fishing” earlier), and, well… let’s just say I it made the wait until May both easier and more difficult. – Matt

Glee Pilot Episode Revisited

Lets face it, Cory Monteith was the reason viewers turned in week after week to watch Glee, and after his unfortunate death, the show never recovered. Watching the Glee finale episode (yep, I watched) it was jarring when they included the cast performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” in the episode. It made you yearn for the days in which Glee was Glee, and wish that Cory Monteith was still with us. Do yourself a favor and re-watch the Glee “Pilot” episode. – Michael

Tumblr’s Fake Astrology Meme

Yes, I know this has been circulating on Tumblr for a few weeks now but reading these are addicting. Whenever I can’t sleep, which is often these days, I start scrolling through endless text posts from strangers making up hilarious and strangely accurate fake horoscopes like “The Signs as McDonald’s Dollar Menu Items” for a good chuckle. (And for those who are curious, I’m a “soft baked oatmeal raisin cookie” and that actually kind of explains a lot about my life.) - Gabi


Mad Men Dining Week

The final seven episodes of Mad Men are set to begin airing April 15, and in honor of the big (and sad) occasion, several New York City restaurants are offering dining and drink specials priced at $19.69 (because, you know, the year 1969). On Monday, I went with my friend and coworker Peggy (not Olsen, unfortunately) and enjoyed a lovely lunchtime cocktail and some oysters Rockefeller, and in that moment, I felt the spirits of Don, Peggy, Joan, Roger, and many more alive inside my sated stomach. – Matt

Spring Fashion

While I adore some good fall and winter trends, there’s nothing like adding a bright, fresh touch to the closet come spring. Now that it’s officially the time of year for blooming flowers, sunshine and warmer weather (it’s coming your way soon, East Coasters!), I can’t wait to hop into pastels and sunnier hues, but my absolute favorite trends this season are definitely gingham, fringe and open-toed mules! -Kendall

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