March Music Madness: Semifinals Slayage Is Finally Upon Us!

Welcome back to Celebuzz‘s third annual March Music Madness tournament! Only four of your favorite pop stars remain, and you can start voting now.

After nearly 40,000 votes were cast in Round Two, we are ready to reveal the Semifinalists:

Taylor Swift vs. Britney Spears

Lady Gaga vs. Beyoncé

You may vote for both Semifinals match-ups at once! Select your two choices, and then click the SUBMIT button. 

Like both previous rounds, the Semifinals will last for five days. You will then be able to vote in the Final Round! What are you waiting for?! VOTE NOW:

Remember to vote both Semifinals match-ups! You can vote multiple times if you clear your cookies!

Here’s how Round Two shook out:

Taylor Swift vs. Justin Bieber

Britney Spears vs. Eminem

Lady Gaga vs. Justin Timberlake

Beyoncé vs. Nick Jonas

Girl power!

Of course, in Round One, we said goodbye to:

Miley Cyrus



Ed Sheeran

Ariana Grande

Kanye West

Nicki Minaj

Sam Smith

Return in five days to see who will make it to the Finals!

May the best musician win!