WATCH: Mariah Carey Is Really Good at Carpool Karaoke (of Her Own Songs)

Mariah's Curls
Did we travel back in time or are those Mariah Carey's famous curls?

If any lambs out there have ever wondered what Mariah Carey is like at karaoke, James Corden did everyone a solid by securing a singing session with the diva. In a car.

On Wednesday’s Late Late Show, the British host and 44-year-old singer (or 18, according to Mimi) showed off their impeccable karaoke skills while carpooling to the show’s lot.

Between songs, Carey tries on different accents, flicks Corden’s neck (that’s “flirting,” by the way), and briefly takes off her giant sunglasses to check on her makeup.

Just a regular day in the life of Ms. Mariah Carey.

BRB going to work on my rendition of “Always Be My Baby.”