WATCH: Calvin Harris Is Going to Regret Saying This About Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris has some explaining to do to his rumored girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

A video has just surfaced of Harris saying something about Swift that the singer might not like.

The video shows Harris doing a radio interview with Capital Breakfast, which is rumored to have taken place in Nov. 2014. In the interview, the hosts ask Harris which famous females he would “swipe right” for on Tinder. Basically, who does Harris think is hot and would he want to date them?

When it comes to Swift, Harris tells the hosts, “She’s just the opposite of my type. She looks lovely, she’s the opposite of my type, so I would just go left.”

Harris goes on to say in the interview that he does, “go for the brunette.”

It seems like Harris has changed his mind over the past four months, because he and Swift have been spotted hanging out together, wearing matching outfits and getting super cozy. We wonder what Swift has to say about this video?!

But hey, like Swift said, she can make the bad guys good for a weekend…