Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart May or May Not Be Back Together: Former Flames Spotted Kissing

Pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart smooching in public have surfaced, but are the former lovers back together (again)?

TMZ claims that J. Lo, 45, and Smart, 27, are very much back together, and that in fact, they never actually broke up at all. They have pics of the pair kissing in public on Wednesday night when Smart showed up to see Lopez after a taping of American Idol.

Sources say “the break-up they announced in June was a business move. Multiple sources say in the spring they did stop seeing each other, but only for a few weeks.”

They claim the break-up was fake in order to create more media buzz for her movie Boy Next Door. TMZ notes, “honchos on the film felt creating a buzz that she was hooking up with co-star Ryan Guzman would help sell tickets. It’s hard to do that when you’re not single.”

Smart was reportedly onboard because he was also promoting his movie, Street, around that time. He got all buff to play a UFC street fighter, and accordingly, the buzz was better if he too was single.

Earlier this week, however, Smart squashed rumors that he and Jenny From the Block were back together, saying to E!, “We got a lot of ties. We’re very close. We’re friends. We’re very good friends.” Lopez likewise told E! that she too was single.

“I mingle a little bit here and there,” she said. “But, you know, I’m single.”

FurthermoreGossipCop claims that the rumors are false and Smart and Lopez are just “close friends”.

They write, “But if it was such a public declaration of love, why would Lopez and Smart both also publicly say they’re single? If the public kiss actually meant something, why wouldn’t they confirm the romance is back on? Well, that’s because it’s not.”

They spoke to a Lopez insider who insists the pair have not rekindled their relationship.

Either way, it’s hard to believe that a smooch on the lips is 100% innocent, and just something that “close friends” do on the regular.

Lopez and her on-again, off-again beau dated from around October 2011 to June 2014.