Miley Cyrus Gets Five Teeth Pulled Out, Makes Necklaces Out of Them

Like Kesha before her, Miley Cyrus is getting crafty with molars.

After having five of her chompers removed earlier this week, the singer made making the most of her recovery time by — what else? — using her teeth in her latest arts project. Cyrus, who previously decorated a five-foot bong with beads and fake flowers, showed off her creation on Instagram Thursday night.

Naturally, in true Miley fashion, she was also topless while posing in her new creation.

How else is Cyrus coping since her surgery?

Aside from making jewelry with her own pearly whites for friends like The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, the 22-year-old is also recovering by treating herself with a nice facial and tons of marijuana edibles. (Because, like, this is Miley that we’re talking about.)

She wrote about her recovery:

When you can't smoke cause you just your teef ripped out your skullllllllll #ediblez

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