Pics and Video of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Getting Cozy Are Basically Proof That They’re Hooking Up

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Taylor Swift and her new man friend (EDM/abs god) Calvin Harris were spotted getting all “snuggly” at a Kenny Chesney concert last night in Nashville, TN. At one point during the night, Harris had his arm wrapped around Swift’s waist. They’re definitely hooking up, right?

Harris held her probably her waist out of romantic affection, but it’s also possible his arm was there to keep her from swaying and flailing her hips out of control, or as she calls it “dancing.”

In the pic on the left, Harris almost visibly has his arm around her waist and it looks like she’s grasping his hand:

When she wasn’t dancing or “getting snuggly” with Harris, Swift took to the stage to perform a song with Chesney.

This video (courtesy of TMZ) captured Swift, 25, and Harris, 31, leaving the concert hand in hand. TMZ also notes that sources at the concert said she sat on his lap for a long time, and that they kissed.

Other fans took to Twitter to post their pics of Swift and Harris getting cozy at the concert.

At some point during the concert, Swift left Harris to show off her eclectic (read: bad) dance moves in the aisle during Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”.

No PDA in this one, but watch it and you’ll probably make that Sarah Jessica Parker shade face (the one she did to Tom Hanks, unbeknownst to him).

Neither of them have confirmed the rumors that they’re in a relationship, and it’s possibly they’re just working on new music together (and hooking up on the side). Regardless, yesterday they were also spotted out together in Nashville shopping at Whole Foods. They were first linked about two weeks ago.