WATCH: Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Appearance at Ariana Grande’s Concert, Forgets Lyrics Onstage

Justin Bieber made yet another apology last night – this time, at Ariana Grande’s concert.

The Biebs surprised fans by performing on stage with Grande during her concert in Miami, FL, which was great until he forgot all the lyrics to her song (originally sung with The Weeknd) “Love Me Harder.”

Bieber stumbled along and then completely went blank, ultimately just dancing around on stage for the rest of the song while Grande, ever the professional, kept her cool and performed it flawlessly.

No one in the crowd really cared; they were too busy screaming their head off that the Biebs was even there. He  still apologized though, probably a little embarrassed that he didn’t perform better.

He commented, “So I feel a little bad, I forgot the words, Ariana. I’ve been trying to memorize them backstage for like, an hour, I feel so bad I’m so sorry. You guys forgive me for forgetting the words?”

“It’s okay, nobody hears anything! Nobody can hear them, they were screaming too loud! It’s okay,” Grande insisted.

They also performed Justin’s song “As Long As You Love Me,” and Grande seamlessly took on boyfriend Big Sean’s rap in the song. She’s pretty amazing:

Then they took on the sexy “All That Matters,”

Biebs posted later on, “Had fun with u Ariana, even tho I forgot all the words haha”:

Had fun with u Ariana, even tho I forgot all the words haha

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What else does Justin Bieber have up his sleeve while in Miami…? Meanwhile, Grande announced she is revealing more Honeymoon tour dates.