Karrueche Tran Breaks Down, Confesses She’s Still in Love with Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran Admits She Knew Chris Brown Was Involved With Her and Rihanna at the Same Time
Let's not forget Karrueche Trans love triangle with Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown’s former longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran is sharing her side of the story, and makes a big confession about Brown following their very public breakup, his infidelity, and current baby drama.

Tran and Brown have been off and on for the past four years, breaking off their relationship completely earlier this month when Tran found out through the Internet that Brown had a 9-month-old secret lovechild.

In this new tough-love interview with Fix My Life’s Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah Winfrey Network, Tran makes her voice heard and opens up about the ongoing drama between her and her ex.

She confessed, “I still love him. I’ve tried to help him. Go to church, pray, yoga, meditate. If he wanted to change, we’d be in a better place. But that’s the problem. He is damaged but… I’m damaged too.”

In the top video, Tran tells Iyanla she’s very traditional, and wanted to marry and have children with Brown (and “the white picket fence” thing). However, he didn’t want that. Despite knowing they didn’t share the same values for the past year or so, Tran says they spoke about having kids but she still needed a commitment from him if they were going to have kids.

“I think that’s just a maturity thing, and his lifestyle,” Tran says on why he didn’t want the same thing as her. She was hoping “for us to grow together, and maybe one day we’ll…we were gonna get married and have kids.”

After all that he did (the public breakup, humiliation, infidelity to name a few), she was willing to give him more time, explaining to a not convinced Iyanla, “I can wait. Aside from all the betrayal, if we were to continue from here, I can wait some time for…him to mature, I guess.”

She adds she feels hurt “because the man I loved hurt me and betrayed me…I also feel like I let myself down.”

In this portion of the interview above, Tran explains, “He did give me love. Maybe it wasn’t the right love or the same level.” She agreed that he loved her “the way he knew how.”

“And that’s the product of his environment growing up,” she added. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Chris loves me. I know he does.”

“I saw a different side of Chris that not everybody sees. Although he’s done whatever he’s done… he’s a good-hearted person,” she told Iyanla. “He’s a big kid with a good heart that’s been through some things, that’s been damaged.”

Tran explained that she found out about his secret love child through social media. “He wanted to talk in person…Actually the moment I found out, he was texting me and saying ‘I need to talk to you, seriously, in person,’ and then I get online and I see…that.”

She is not angry at the baby’s mother Nia Guzman or their child. “My issue is with myself, and with Chris. Not the baby, not the mother, not Rihanna, nobody. It’s me and him.”

“He’s said he’s sorry. He’s dropped flowers off…He’s sorry for what he’s put me through,” she admits, saying that she’s spoken to him. Tran says he can’t make it up to her now, though.

“I’m trying to be my strongest, and I understand what he’s put me through, and I’m fed up.”

“But what you voluntarily participated in,” Iyanla adds, warning her. “Because Karrueche you could have said no at any moment.”

“It’s definitely on me as well, and that’s why I said let myself down,” Tran replied. She then commented she doesn’t think she’d ever get back together with him.

Tran also shared details on how they met and their first date.

She reveals they first met five years ago when she was 21, at a styling job. At the time, she was a personal assistant and was styling on the side.

Brown got her number through one of his backup dancers, and he called her to ask her out saying “This is CB.”

Tran explains, “It’s flattering, of course, but again, it wasn’t, I’ve never dated celebrities, I’ve never been into like, the whole hooplah of that, so it was just like, ‘Okay, this is fun, it’s interesting, it’s new.'”

They went out to Norm’s restaurant at 2:30 a.m.

“He’s just a regular person, and that’s the way I see it,” Tran said.

Iyanla disagreed, saying cheekily, “No. If he was you would not be sitting here with me. You can’t delude yourself into thinking he’s just a regular person, and maybe that’s why you got into trouble, because you weren’t clear about really what you were sticking your foot in.”

Karrueche Tran’s interview aired March 28th on OWN.