‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Recap: Five Must-See Moments You Missed

Last night’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode “The Carfather” was crazy!

If you missed it, don’t worry because we’re going to give you a full recap. On this episode, the Kardashian family became very suspicious of Scott Disick and his “shady” ways. Find out what went down in the recap below!

1. Scott walks in on Kris Jenner half naked in her bedroom. Kourtney Kardashian tells Scott to go upstairs because Kris has a present for their baby (Kourtney is still pregnant at this time). Scott goes upstairs and all of a sudden you hear Kris screaming. She yells, “You scared the s**t out of me!” Kris comes down the stairs and says, “New rule, anyone wants to come upstairs in my living space, you page me.”

2. Khloé Kardashian questions Kourtney about Scott’s side businesses. When Khloé sees multiple licenses plates in the kitchen, she starts asking Kourtney about Scott. Khloé asks Kourtney, “Why does he have so many plates?” Kourtney responds, “I can’t tell you exactly. Have you seen how many cars are outside?” Khloé asks Kourtney, “It doesn’t like make you want to ask questions? Like why a stack of license plates… like you don’t wonder what they’re for? Or, why do you need 12 different license plates? What are you using them for? You don’t have 12 cars. How did you get them?” Kourtney walks away from the conversation and says, “I have to pee actually.”

3. Kris asks Bruce Jenner to give her a ride to her surgery. When Kris asks Kim Kardashian to take her to her appointment, Kim says she can’t. So, Kris ends up asking her ex-husband. Bruce agrees, but things get awkward when he takes her to the hospital and he learns that he’s been replaced as the executor of her will. Kris changed her will and replaced Bruce with Kourtney. But, by the end of the episode, Kris actually decides that Khloé would be best as the executor of her will.

4. Scott gets a call while he’s in the car with Kourtney and Kris. From the sound of the call it sounds like Scott was wiring a lot of money from one account to another. Kris says, “That’s a lot of money, what are you doing?” Scott replies, “Oh nothing, just had to do some deal.” Kris then says to Kourtney, “Kourtney do you just listen to him doing all these big business deals? Don’t you want to ask what it’s for?” Kourtney replies, “I don’t pay attention. I’m checking out some art to purchase on my phone.” Then, Kim and Khloé confront Kourtney about Scott and she can’t give them any answers as to what Scott does for a living. She tells them that he “loves to buy cars.” Kim asks, “But where does he get the money to buy them?” Khloé then asks, “Are they stolen? Like, how else do you make a profit?” All Kourtney says is, “I don’t know.”

5. Kourtney and Scott have a talk. Scott keeps acting shady, and Kourtney has had enough. The couple has a talk and Kourtney tries to get some answers. Kourtney tells Scott, “My mom and Khloé keep questioning me about what you’re doing.” Scott replies, “I could question a lot of things about them.” Kourtney tells him, “You’re the shadiest…” Then Scott interrupts her and says, “Don’t say s**t like that to me. No, I’m telling you for real, don’t talk to me like that.” Kourtney asks Scott, “Do you just not want to say you’re a car salesman?” The two go back and forth and Scott says, “I don’t like talking about work, you know that. I thought that was what’s fun about us, we keep it a little exciting, and we don’t tell each other every annoying detail about what we do for a living, all day long. Let’s just say, I’m the International Man of Mystery and you should be excited about it.” It turns out, Scott is actually involved with a legit car company, and he wasn’t doing anything shady or illegal!

Bonus: Kim reveals that Kanye West went “crazy” on their trainer. Kim tells Khloé, “Do you want to die? Kanye literally went crazy on the trainer today. She was like, ‘So what are your goals? Like, tell me everything.’ And I was like, ‘I need to get down to 120.’ She says, ‘Oh girl there’s no way I can’t even imagine you 15 pounds lighter.’ And Kanye’s like, ‘Wait a minute, you’re the trainer, and you’re telling me you can’t imagine her 15 pounds lighter? We need to get another trainer then because if I tell you she needs to lose weight in-between her toe, you better figure out a f**cking toe weight.”

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