9 Photos of Beyonce at Tidal Launch Having a Blast

Beyonce Works Out
Beyoncé is showing the world how she gets her amazing body.

A huge array of music superstars from across genres joined forces yesterday (Mar. 30, 2015) in the loading dock of New York City’s biggest post office today to launch the newly artist-owned high-definition streaming service Tidal.

Everyone from Beyoncé, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Kayne West, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Jay Z and many, many more were on hand to make the case for an artist-owned streaming service.

Keys gave a speech which quoted musician Jimi Hendrix and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and claimed Tidal would “forever change the course of music history.”

Despite all the sincerity and pomp and circumstance, judging from the backstage photo from the event, it looked as if at least Beyoncé had some fun.