Wait, Did Kanye West Just Drop His New Album on Tidal?

With major artists like Beyoncé, Drake and Kendrick Lamar all dropping surprise albums on us with huge success, it would only make sense that Kanye West follow suit and prove that he, too, can break records without the help of any promotion. Not to mention, if he were to do it, it would definitely be with the help of Jay Z and their new business venture.

Artists for TIdal
Jay Z launches new music streaming service.

So is that what happened yesterday? Did ‘Ye pull a very ‘Ye move and drop his anticipated So Help Me God album on Tidal?

Unfortunately, no. Some skilled hoax-sters pulled a fast one on us and truly made us believe we finally had a new Yeezy album on our hands:

So what about this track list? Not only does it contain songs we already know are set to appear on his new album, but it also contains some serious collaborations — Rihanna? Jay Z? Drake? Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson?

Okay, we’ll admit the last song “Piss On Your Grave” featuring the two music icons seems a little out there, but hey! Crazier things have happened.

However, a rep for West tells E! News that not only did his album not drop last night, the track list is also fake. (Double sad face emoji).

Guess we’ll just have to keep waiting!

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