Zayn Malik’s Solo Career Has Officially Begun: Listen to ‘I Won’t Mind’

Zayn Speaks
Zayn Malik breaks silence after quitting 1D.

Well, that was fast.

Less than one week after bidding adieu to One Direction (and breaking the hearts of waves of Directioners), Zayn Malik’s first solo single has surfaced.

On Monday, Naughty Boy, a producer on “I Won’t Mind,” posted a Soundcloud demo of the track, along with some suggestive words:

“let the music do the talking. there is nothing but love for what was left behind. thats why we don’t mind. ;) #2016 #zaughty #zinabad.”

The original Soundcloud has since been taken down, but because this is Zayn Malik and the Internet exists, many, many copies have already been made.

If you can’t make out what Malik’s singing, here’s a lyric video:

In related news, Naughty Boy, who’s worked with the likes of Sam Smith, Wiz Khalifa, and Jennifer Hudson, took part in a brief Twitter feud with Malik’s ex band mate Louis Tomlinson just prior to the demo’s release. The issue on hand? A fan-made video promoting “Zaughty” (a combination of the producer and Malik’s name) and how Naughty Boy “saved” the singer’s life.

Seriously, there should be (fan) therapy for all of this.