27 April Fool’s Day Articles We Thought About Writing But Didn’t

Jennifer Aniston's Prank
See J.An prank an unsuspecting reporter.

Happy April Fool’s Day! We thought about pranking you, but we decided against it in the end. Why? It’s just not that nice. Then again, neither are the following fake stories we ultimately never wrote.

Here are the April Fool’s Day stories we considered writing:

Rita Ora Just Scored First American No. 1 Single”

Kanye West Says He Thinks Iggy Azalea Is a Better Rapper Than He Is”

Katy Perry Won a Grammy”

Kylie Jenner’s Lips to Host E!’s Fashion Police

“How Does Kim Kardashian Maintain Her Hot Body? By Exclusively Eating Day-Old Wendy’s Chicken Sandwiches”

Taylor Swift: ‘I Was Actually Born in 1987′”

Rihanna: ‘Never Mind, I’m Not Releasing an Album Anymore'”

Zayn Malik Says He’s Leaving Perrie Edwards After Falling in Love With Her Little Mix Bandmate, Jesy Nelson, Once He Heard Her Incredible Jamaican Accent.”

David Beckham: ‘All of My Tattoos Are Actually Peel-Off Stickers'”

Madonna Admits Even She Didn’t Purchase Rebel Heart”

Taylor Swift: ‘Yes, I’m in Love With Karlie Kloss’”

Iggy Azalea Buys Controlling Shares of Domino’s Pizza”

Kylie Jenner Admits Kanye West Made Her Get Lip Injections”

Justin Bieber: ‘I’m Not Canadian'”

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I’m Canadian'”

Rita Ora and Ed Sheeran to Star in ‘A Star is Born’ Remake”

Iggy Azalea Feuds With Automatic Check Out Machine at the Grocery Store”

Azealia Banks Says White People Aren’t So Bad After All”

“EXCLUSIVE: Blue Ivy Reveals She Hates North West

Taylor Swift Says She Only Performed With Madonna Because Madonna Threatened to Kiss Her and Suck Out Her Youth Like She Did to Britney

Britney Spears’ Shocking Secret: Be-Wigged Automaton Has Performed 97% of “Piece of Me” Shows in Vegas”

Sam Smith Reveals His British Accent Is Fake, Says He Is Actually From Kentucky”

Justin Bieber Admits He Stuffed His Crotch With Crumpled-Up Pages of Selena Gomez Fashion Editorials for Calvin Klein Photo Shoot”

North West Launches iPhone App, Reality Series, Music Streaming Service, and Fashion Line in One Day”

Ariana Grande Quits Music, Plans to Open Beauty Salon Dedicated to Ponytails”

Hilary Duff Reveals She’s Been Dating Aaron Carter on the Down Low for Eight Months”