WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Wants Baby James to Become a Barista

Ryan Reynolds is talking about his baby girl, James.

The actor appeared on The Today Show on Wednesday (April 1, 2015), to discuss his new movie, Woman in Gold. But, he also discussed his dreams for his daughter, like wanting her to become a flight attendant or barista. Watch the video below!

Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, welcomed their first child in Dec. 2014. The couple kept details about the baby very private, even keeping her name a secret!

Then in March, Reynolds finally revealed the baby’s name, James, in the first half of his Today Show interview. Now, the second part of the interview with Today’s Willie Geist just aired and Reynolds is talking even more about baby James.

When asked how it feels to share his films and his life with his wife and daughter, Reynolds gave a very honest answer. Reynolds told Geist, “It’s been amazing. I’m pretty sure my baby girl doesn’t understand anything I say.”

Geist then asked Reynolds, “She doesn’t like your films?”

Reynolds then explained, “She doesn’t like anything, there’s no problem that a breast won’t fix though.” LOL.

The 38-year-old actor then told Geist, “I worry that my daughter’s going to want to go into show business.”

So, what does he want James to do? Reynolds went on to say, “I like to whisper in her ear really like, normal, everyday jobs. Like ‘You’re going to be a flight attendant, a barista. Just normal, wonderful jobs. You can have a nice, normal life… A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.'” Though, he was just joking about that last one.

Check out the video to hear Reynolds talk about baby James!

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