WATCH: President Obama Impersonates Frank Underwood

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President Barack Obama is just like us: he nerds out over his favorite TV shows and characters, too, and for him, that’s obviously House of Cards and Frank Underwood.

Kevin Spacey Does Impressions
Kevin Spacey does some killer celeb impressions.

POTUS spent the last week or so filming footage for the White House’s YouTube page in honor of the fifth anniversary of West Wing Week — a video series that gives people insight into the presidency.

Of course, it feels like we already know so much about that role thanks to Kevin Spacey‘s portrayal of the president on HoC, but Obama wants the world to know who Frank Underwood learned from.

At about 3:57, Mr. President attempts an impression of the infamous Underwood, throwing on a shaky southern accent and staring directly at the camera just like the TV persona would typically do on the Netflix series when trying to make a point.

“Hello everybody,” he says with a straight face. “This is not Frank Underwood. This is Barack Obama. Happy April Fools’ Day. Frank learned it from me.”

Though not a great impression, it still gave us a laugh!

Obama has been a public supporter of the popular show, even pleading with people to not spoil it for him before the season 2 release last year.

We can’t help but wonder what he thinks about season 3 so far?

Check out the full West Wing Week video above!