Gigi Hadid: Kendall Jenner Taught Me How to Deal with the Haters

Gigi Hadid is sharing major secrets about her supermodel BFFs Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss.

The 19-year-old model revealed what she’s learned from both Jenner and Kloss. Get all of the details below!

Though Hadid has been in the modeling business since she was a child, she’s only recently become a household name. Hadid’s career took off in 2014 and she’s become a top model in 2015.

In addition to becoming super famous, Hadid has picked up some equally famous best friends along the way. In a new interview with, Hadid talked about her friendships with Jenner and Kloss.

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The model revealed, “From Kendall I learned how to deal with the haters. She has a really good sense of when to stand up [on social media] and when to back off.”

From Kloss, Hadid has learned about how to present herself online. Hadid explained, “I think she does such a good job of showing who she is. She lets her personality really shine in her Instagram.”

Hadid also gave advice to people looking to grow their social media accounts. She revealed, “The biggest tip I would give people for personal branding is just to have a feeling to the page. Whether it’s color scheme or the types of posts that you do or just making sure that your images are really high quality.”

The model has over two million followers on Instagram, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. Following this advice ASAP.