WATCH: Nick Jonas Talks a ‘Promise to F*ck’ Ring and Sings About Turkey on ‘Sound Advice’

Nick Jonas is the latest celebrity to get some truly horrible yet hilarious advice from “media coach” Janessa Slater (Vanessa Bayer) on her YouTube series Sound Advice.

The video kicks off on a high note when Bayer asks Jonas if his first name is is short for Nickelodeon, which she follows up by referring to Face from Nick Jr. (we all remember that show, right?!).

“So one of your new songs is titled ‘Jealous,’ and I feel like people must have a lot of sympathy for someone who’s dating a former Miss Universe,” Bayer continues, referencing Jonas’ girlfriend Olivia Culpo. “So ‘Chains,’ ‘Jealous,’ I like that your song titles are one word long. I kind of wish that your songs were one word long. I mean I just feel like it gets the point out without like all the boring stuff.”

LOL! And that wasn’t even the worst of it. Things get way more awkward as Bayer gets a little tipsy (off Ginger Ale) and asks Jonas if he’d ever be into “dating” a media coach now that he’s taken off his promise ring.

“And by date, I’m using that as a euphemism for something else,” Bayer adds, continuing. “I used to wear a promise ring, too, you know… Promise to fuck!”

Watch the hilariousness ensue in the video above.