The Juicy Secret Behind The ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise

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Fast and Furious 7
WATCH: Vin Diesel Gets Emotional
Says 'Furious 7' is a tribute to Paul Walker’s legacy.

Today Furious 7 hits theaters around the world, and it is hands-down an accomplishment worth celebrating.

A major challenge in the film’s making, of course, was the tragic death of Paul Walker, but his cast-mates persevered and dedicated the film to his legacy. His loss has undoubtedly shed light on a more “open” and “behind-the-scenes” view on this film from both the stars and the press in comparison to other films.

In light of this, we can’t help but share these JUICY DETAILS we learned about the humble history of the franchise that gave celebs Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson a seven-film legacy to their names.

In May 1998, VIBE Magazine published an article called “Racer X” about underground street racing in NYC, and that’s when it all began…

“Before Vin Diesel sped a supercar from one of Dubai’s Ethiad Towers skyscrapers into another like a batshit Even Knievel in Furious 7; before Paul Walker and friends ambushed and barrel rolled a prison bus in Fast Five; before The Fast & The Furious, when Walker’s car conked out in a street race, there was Rafael Esteves, a real-life speed demon of the road.”

Read the full article here.

For the past few months, VIBE Magazine partnered up with Universal Pictures to celebrate it’s rich history and the Furious 7 premiere to deliver exclusive interviews, videos, photo shoots and an interview with the original writer of VIBE’s “Racer X” article, and this parallax VIBE article reveals it all.