WATCH: Nicki Minaj’s Boobs Are Magical, Help Make Little Boy Stop Crying

Nicki Minaj gave one little boy the surprise of his life when she hugged him at her concert in Belfast, Ireland.

The boy had the chance to go on stage and meet Minaj, and he couldn’t stop crying. So she hugged him, and his tears immediately stopped! Check out the hilarious video below!

Minaj clearly has magical boobs, they can help make little boys stop crying! The singer is in the middle of her “PinkPrint Tour” overseas, and during her concert in Belfast this week, one young fan came up on stage and was so overwhelmed to meet Minaj.

The boy told her, “I’ve been dreaming for this moment for so long.” He then broke down in tears!

Minaj then hugged the boy, and since he’s young and short, his head landed perfectly in-between Minaj’s boobs. You can see in the video that the boy gets a huge smile on his face when he gets up close and personal with Minaj’s cleavage.

After the show, Minaj uploaded a video of the entire encounter on Instagram. She captioned the video, “Get your life from the little boy in this video pls . Look at how he stopped crying wen he laid his head on dem thangz. They have real power beaming out of them that can cure the sick #Belfast I love u so much. Wow. Life tonight. #ThePinkprintTOUR”


Confirmed: Nicki Minaj’s boobs have magical powers!