Helen Mirren Gushes Over Ryan Reynolds (and Makes Blake Lively Envious): He Makes a Girl Feel Good

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Helen Mirren is an Academy Award Winner, a Dame, and the chillest boss around

Honorary Queen Helen Mirren has only the sweeting words about her Woman in Gold co-star (and hot DILF) Ryan Reynolds, cementing that he, Blake Lively and daughter James are literally a perfect family.

The Oscar-winning actress (and epitome of perfection herself) told People, “He is just so funny and great and enormously generous and protective.”

She added,

You know, he makes a girl feel good. Some guys don’t. They’re macho and attractive, but they make you feel awkward. Ryan just makes you feel so great. He’s just so generous in his masculinity. He happens to be hunky and gorgeous and everything as well, but when you get a beautiful combination of the two? He is wonderful.

While filming Woman in Gold, Reynolds found out Lively was pregnant and that we was going to become a father.

“He did keep it very quiet, but he did tell me secretly,” she confessed. “It was a big secret otherwise.”

“Can you imagine what a lovely dad he’s going to be? Just divine,” she added. “I haven’t met Blake but I bet she’s great.”

Lively posted this funny picture on Instagram, commenting, “Should I be concerned that my husband’s never looked at me this way?… #WhereAreThoseEyesWanderingReynolds #HelenMirrenIStheSexiestWomanAlive #WomanInGold”

Seriously, Helen Mirrein IS the sexiest woman alive.

Reynolds and Lively’s daughter James was born in December 2014.

Woman in Gold hit theaters April 1, 2015. Read more about Helen Mirren in this week’s issue of People, on newsstands now.