Calvin Harris (AKA Taylor Swift’s New Man) Looked Totally Different in 2008

Woah, Calvin Harris is almost unrecognizable in these photos from 2008.

Taylor Swift’s new man might be a blonde now, but he was rocking a completely different look seven years ago.

Long before Harris became Swift’s boyfriend or even a successful DJ, he was just an artist trying to make it in music.

Back in 2008, Harris was performing at the Good Vibrations Festival in Australia, and he had a completely different look going on. In the photos below, Harris has long, dark hair. Plus, his wardrobe was a little different back in 2008 too.


Good Vibrations 2008

(Getty Images)

Good Vibrations Festival 2008 - Melbourne

(Getty Images)

Wow! We wonder what Swift has to say about these pics…. LOL.