Kendall Jenner Strips Down, Goes Hiking in Sports Bra with Kylie’s Ex Jaden Smith

Kendall Jenner stripped down to her sports bra to go hiking over the weekend.

Over the weekend, the 19-year-old model went to Malibu, Calif. with a group of friends, including sister Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Jaden Smith. Check out all of the pics in the gallery!

When your sister moves on to a new man (Hey Tyga!), does that mean you have to stop being friends with her ex-boyfriend? Well, not according to Kendall.

Kylie and Smith dated for three years and went their separate ways in 2014. Then, Kylie started dating Tyga. So, maybe since some time has passed, Kylie’s cool with her ex and her sister hanging out?

Kendall went hiking with Smith and a group of friends in Malibu on Saturday, (April 4, 2015). For the hike, Kendall decided to wear a sports bra and some really tight spandex pants.

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