Is Taylor Swift’s Next Single a Remix of ‘Bad Blood’ with Kanye West?

Taylor Swift’s fourth single off of her 1989 album might be a “Bad Blood” remix with Kanye West.

Swift’s upcoming single is rumored to be a remix of “Bad Blood” after her record company posted that the song would hit pop radio on May 19. The post was removed from the website, but people on Tumblr are awesome and took a screenshot of the post.

The post doesn’t say that West would be involved, but rumors of them working on a Bad Blood remix began circulating in Feb. 2015. The rumors started shortly after Swift and West made peace at the 2015 Grammy Awards. The duo had been on bad terms since West infamously interrupted Swift’s MTV VMA acceptance speech in 2009. After the Grammys, West revealed that he and Swift were going to record together. But, when rumors of a “Bad Blood” remix began, Swift shut them down, as seen in the Tumblr post below.

But, was that just Swift trying to keep it a secret? Was she throwing us all off?! Maybe. We’ll have to wait to see if there’s any official announcement in the next couple of days.

This would be an interesting choice for a single, because the song has caused a lot of controversy. The song is allegedly about Swift’s feud with Katy Perry, and there’s been some serious shade-throwing since the song was announced.

Could this mean West is #TeamSwift?