Tuesday Ten: 10 Coachella Festival Fashion Essentials

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Festival season is in full swing, and with Coachella quickly approaching this weekend, it’s time to start planning those boho-chic outfits!

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Since Coachella is located in the midst of the California desert, it’s important that our outfits suffice for both the super hot days as well as the chilly nights. Not to mention, all the pool parties and festivities in between.

Thus, for today’s edition of Tuesday Ten, we looked back at what some celebs have worn to Coachella in the past and pulled together some festival fashion essentials. Check out where to buy each item below:

1. Bright and light romper – Romwe: Rompers are a great staple piece when it comes to festival fashion. They’re easy, chic and breathable enough for the warm, desert weather of Coachella. Not to mention, they’re great for layering over as the sun goes down.

2. A good pair of sunnies – RayBan: Obviously, if you’re going to be out in the sun all day, you’ll need some good sunglasses to protect your eyes… But that doesn’t mean they need to be lame! I love these mirrored RayBans because they’re super cool, and they come polarized — a great way to protect your eyes all day.

3. Lightweight hat – Lack of Color: Hats are always a necessity for any festival. Not only are they trendy, but they also come in handy in several ways: protecting your scalp, covering up sweaty hair and giving your friends something to look for in a sea of people in case you get lost!

4. Denim Overalls – Romwe: Just as with rompers, short overalls are another staple for festival fashion — and they come with pockets… Winning! Since overalls are super on-trend this year, they’re definitely going to make a statement at Coachella. Layer them up with a flannel around your waist for when the night gets chilly and you’re golden!

5. Edgy, hippie headpiece – Eklexic Jewelry: Of course you can’t attend a festival without your go-to headpiece. Instead of the basic flower crown you know all your friends will be wearing, go for something a bit edgier this year — like this chain and diamond headpiece by Eklexic jewelry!

6. Fringed jacket – Missguided: I said it before, and I’ll say it again: layering is essential for a desert festival like Coachella. Once that sun sets, it gets super chilly. So pack a chic jacket like this fringed leather getup from Missguided that will keep you warm and still looking chic!

7. Cover-up dress – Calvin Rucker: For the days you spend at the pool before heading to the festival, pack a cute coverup. I love this one by Calvin Rucker because you can also layer it over a cute pair of shorts and a crop top (like Selena Gomez did last year) for a chic festival look.

8. Chic backpack – Botkier New York: Purses are so not the business when it comes to festivals. You need something big enough to pack a few extra layers, yet not something that will be annoying to hang onto all day and night. Thus, a backpack is key. We’re packing this studded, black one by Botkier New York — it’s to die for!

9. Breathable booties – Missguided: Booties are essential for festivals, but when it comes to Coachella, you want to make sure you don’t burn up in them! So pack a pair of breathable sandal-like booties, like this lace up pair by Missguided.

10. Stand-out bikini – Everything But Water: Finally, an absolute essential for Coachella is a  fun, stand-out bikini for all those pool parties you’ll be attending. This one by Everything But Water is perfectly funky for the big weekend!

Launch the gallery above to see more celebrity Coachella festival styles.