Hilary Duff Responds to Kylie Jenner Hair Comparisons

When Hilary Duff dyed her hair bright bluish-green last month, she was hit with tons of comparisons to Kylie Jenner, who first rocked the colorful ‘do almost a year ago. So how does the 27-year-old feel about sitting in the same boat as the teenage reality star?

Hilary Duff Releases New Single
Hilary Duff just released her first single of 2015.

Duff — who didn’t know Jenner had been rocking that style — says she’s “happy” to be compared to a trendsetter.

“I did hear the Kylie Jenner comparisons right when I dyed my hair,” Duff dished to E! News on Monday while promoting her new show Younger as well as her latest single “Sparks”. “I was like, ‘Oh no!’ I didn’t know she had green hair, but the color was similar.”

She continues, praising Jenner, “I think it looked amazing and she’s a trendsetter and I’m happy to be in that company.”

So does Duff plan on keeping the “mermaid hair” for a while?

“I don’t know how long I’m going to keep the hair,” the singer explained. “It’s fun right now it kind of takes on different tones every time I wash it. But maybe two or three more weeks? It’s not meant to be super permanent.”

Duff also got to chatting with E! about another hot topic: her bangin’ bod! Despite all of us drooling over what a hot mama she is, she says she has a “love/hate” relationship with her figure.

“I think I’m just a really normal girl,” Duff explains. “I work hard to try and be fit and be healthy and have a good bod, and I have good days and bad days with it. It’s so crazy to me, I really feel like I can have an awesome body week and the next week I’m like, ‘What has happened? What did I do wrong?'”

She continues, “It’s a love/hate, but mostly love and accepting of where my body is at. I’m grateful for what my body has done for me, which has given me the most beautiful, healthy little boy. And I continue to indulge because I love to, and work really hard in the gym.”