Kendall Jenner Hacked: Read the Horrible Tweets About Bruce Jenner and Justin Bieber

Kendall Jenner’s Twitter account was hacked today, and the messages the hackers tweeted are revolting.

Kendall Jenner Supports Bruce
Kendall Jenner proves that she's still a daddy's girl.

The hackers took over the 19-year-old’s account with enough time to send out three very insensitive tweets: one which referenced oral sex with Justin Bieber and used a “KKK” hashtag, another that fake-confirmed Bruce Jenner’s sex change and a final that directed people to follow the hackers before Kendall went “bulimic again.”


The hackers identify themselves as @TheClerk and @FuckCynical, and tweeted several times leading up to the attack writing, “You guys ready for this? ima get suspended yolo n*gga,” and, “The Kardashian’s think they’re gods. But whats a God to an atheist?”

Both accounts have been suspended. Kendall has yet to respond.

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