EXCLUSIVE: ‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Dishes on Jake Johnson’s Jalapeño Problem, Zooey Deschanel’s Pregnancy and Cougars

Max Greenfield is loved for his role playing the hilariously OCD workaholic Schmidt on Fox’s popular show New Girl, and it turns out he’s just as lovable in reality, too, relating ever-so-closely to his on-screen persona.

Max Greenfield as Vanilla Ice
Max Greenfieldas Vanilla Ice is everything you could ever want.

The 34-year-old actor has partnered up with Trulia to help people find their ideal home, promoting a Buyers-Diggs test to create a “home personality” for each user.

So what exactly is Greenfield’s “home personality?” Well, he gave CELEBUZZ some insight, and let’s just say it’s pretty Schmidt-y.

“I have a tendency that if I have to get work done at the house, like if I have to get on the computer for a period of time, in order to do that, I have to prepare myself, and that means making sure the house is clean,” Greenfield revealed. “So I will clean the whole house before I actually sit down at the computer. It’s a real OCD problem.”

LOL! He even admits it’s become sort of a thing with his 6-year-old daughter Lilly, who’s been his hardest roommate to live with yet.

“I don’t mind that my daughter’s room is a mess so much, but I certainly don’t like when she tosses things aside in the middle of the living room. Like 100% you know that’s not where that goes,” he laughs. “She blatantly will just throw clothes in the middle of the floor. And I’ll ask her, ‘What was the impulse that led you to take your jacket off just leave it in the middle of the floor?’”

However, he agrees that his daughter is far easier to live with then his co-star Jake Johnson who plays Nick on New Girl.

When asked which member of the cast he’d boot from the apartment, he responded without hesitation: “I would boot Jake Johnson… Because you know what, this man, all he does is eat jalapeños. And if you go into his trailer or if you’re doing a scene with him, his trailer stinks like jalapeños, he stinks like jalapeños. He eats more jalapeños than any person in the whole world.”

But it’s not Johnson who’s supposed to be having those cravings… Zooey Deschanel is the pregnant one!

“I’ve been looking for the cravings. I appreciate those cravings a lot,” Greenfield admits when it comes to his co-star’s pregnancy. “But I haven’t seen anything out of her so far. I guess nobody’s looking at Zooey for her cravings because Jake Johnson keeps eating jalapeños!”

But one thing Greenfield is certain on when it comes to Deschanel’s baby is which member of the cast she’d make the Godparent: “Lamorne [Morris],” he says without a doubt. “Look, you want to make Winston the Godparent of your child. 100%.”

Aside from New Girl and pregnancies and jalapeños (oh my!), Greenfield also recently wrapped filming a new movie Hello, My Name is Doris, which just debuted at SXSW. The film is based upon a sixty-something woman played by Sally Field who romantically pursues her younger co-worker, Greenfield.

The funny guy was hesitant to respond whether or not he’s ever dated an older woman, but he did mention that the whole cougar label really shouldn’t be a “thing” anymore

“It wasn’t even anything I ever thought of when Sally and I were working together,” he explained. “I mean, I understand that it’s a big part of the film, but it was a weird thing when we were shooting it because Sally’s so wonderful and the two of us just had a great experience on the film, and I think we were able to connect on a very, nice intimate level and have a very good time on the film… And I think that’s what the film is kind of about in a sense. It didn’t really make it a thing.”

Speaking of Field, he couldn’t help but gush about her and their relationship on set. “We just laughed a lot… It’s such a flirty-fun relationship in the film. And I think we tried to maintain that energy throughout. There was a lot of real good laughter on set.”

Check out a hilarious scene between the two below: