Tom Cruise Reportedly Hasn’t Seen Suri Cruise in a Year, Likely Due to Scientology

Tom Cruise has reportedly not seen his 8-year-old daughter Suri Cruise in a year, and it might be due to his affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise
Katie Holmes shares cutest pic with Suri Cruise.

As you may recall, Katie Holmes split from Cruise in June of 2012 due to his strong ties to Scientology and feeling she needed to leave him in order to protect little Suri from the threatening organization — something Cruise has even admitted to.

With the divorce, Holmes also set herself free from the reigns of the church. As revealed in the Going Clear documentary about Scientology — a major controversial piece in Hollywood right now — when someone leaves the church they are considered a “suppressive person” or an “SP,” and all Scientologists are ordered to “disconnect” themselves from him or her.

While Cruise claims he was unable to see Suri for several months due to the filming of Mission Impossible 5 in London, sources close to Holmes tell TMZ it’s been almost a year since Cruise saw his daughter, and there’s heavy speculation that it’s due to the Church of Scientology declaring both Suri and Holmes SPs.

The church of course tells the publication that it’s “simply not true.” However, that’s hard to believe considering Cruise still didn’t visit his daughter in the last two weeks he was home from work — opting instead to watch the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament in Tampa.

Tom’s rep has yet to comment.