What to Pack For a Weekend at the Coachella Music Festival

T-minus two days until everyone is off to Coachella for a festival weekend full of music, pool parties and sunshine, oh my! However, before all the fun can begin, you’re definitely going to want to consider what you bring to the desert for your little getaway…

Coachella Fashion Essentials
What you'll want to wear at Coachella.

Coachella wristbands? Check. Festival Lineup? Check. Boho-Chic oufits, cool sunnies and a flower headband? Check, check and check!

You may think you’re well on your way to Coachella Valley, but not so fast! There are quite a few things you probably didn’t even think about that are necessary to optimizing the festival fun.

Here’s a list of 22 Coachella essentials you most definitely want to make sure are packed in your suitcase:

Beauty Essentials
  • Blotting Sheets: to get rid of the excess oil on those hot, desert days.
  • Makeup Removing Wipes: not only will these get rid of your makeup, they’ll also take care of the extra dirt and grime at the end of the day.
  • Dry Shampoo: Don’t fuss with washing your hair (especially if you’re camping). Throw in some dry shampoo for a little refresher and call it a day.
  • Waterproof Mascara: With all the dirt and sand in the desert air, your eyes will likely water quite a bit. Not to mention, if you’re headed to a pool party, you’ll definitely want to get wet. Keep your eyes looking glam all day with some waterproof mascara.
  • Self-Tanning Spray: It’s April, and by nature, we’re just not going to be as tan as we’d hoped heading into a weekend of short-shorts and crop tops. Spruce up your skin with this self-tanning spray that also has sunscreen in it!
Skin Protection
  • Lip Balm With SPF: You’ll not only want to keep your lips hydrated at the festival, but you’ll also want to keep them protected from the sun.
  • Hat: Other than sunscreen, a hat will keep your face and scalp protected while you’re out in the sun all day.
  • Sunscreen: This is probably the most important item on the list. It’s going to be in the 90s all weekend so get a sunscreen for both your body and your face. The last thing you want is to get an embarrassing shoulder sunburn the first day at the festival!
Stay Healthy
  • Hand Sanitizer: The bathrooms at the festival are all Port-a-Potties, so make sure you pack some hand sanitizer! Gross.
  • Ear Plugs: The festival gets really loud, and depending on where you’re standing at each stage, your ears could start to hurt. Not to mention, you’ll definitely want to get some sleep — block your roomie’s snoring with a good pair of ear plugs.
  • Advil: For obvious reason.
  • Water Bottle: The festival will allow you to refill a reusable (empty!) water bottle. Make sure to pack one that will keep cold all day long.
Technological Needs
  • Portable Charger: The worst thing that could happen at a festival is that you lose your friends, and your phone dies. Don’t let that happen. Pack an additional, portable charger.
  • Universal Charging Cord: If you want to be the most awesome person at the party, bring a universal charging cord for all your friends who forgot their charger.
  • Additional Phone Lenses: You never know where you’ll end up during each performance, so bring some lenses that can help zoom in on your favorite artists or simply for capturing a super rad moment with your friends.
Festival Survival
  • Fanny Pack: You’ll never want a fanny pack more in your life than at a festival. It’s so much easier than carry a purse and way more effective for not losing your stuff!
  • Bandana: At night, Coachella Valley turns into a bit of a sand storm. Protect your face and prevent yourself from inhaling dirt by bringing a bandana to wear around your nose and mouth.
  • An Extra Pair of Socks: Whether you’re wearing sandals during the day and switching into boots at night, or you plan to sleep in a tent, a pair of sucks are essential to staying warm when the sun goes down and the desert chill takes over.
  • A Blanket: Often times you’ll end up finding a place on the grass (or in the dirt) to sit down and hang for a bit. Keep clean by packing a blanket — another necessity that will come in handy when night falls and that chilly wind kicks in.
Things You'd Never Think Of
  • Stand Up Pee Cup: Ladies, there’s nothing more disgusting than squatting over a port-a-potty toilet. These stand-up pee cups (funnels?) will be essential. Thank me later!
  • Water Misting Fan: These things will save you during the hot, dry day, and your friends will love you for it.
  • Highlighted Set List: Don’t spend your time looking for set lists. Print one out ahead of time and highlight the artist you want to see.

And there you have it! Good luck packing… And just to help out, here’s a printable packing list:

Coachella Packing List