Big Sean: That Justin Bieber Tweet Is Fake

A tweet allegedly posted by Big Sean is going around on social media. The tweet is directed at Justin Bieber after he got a little too close to Ariana Grande on stage.

Bieber made another surprise appearance at one of Grande’s shows, this time in Inglewood, Calif. on Wednesday, (April 8, 2015).

In the video above, you can see Bieber come on stage and surprise the crowd. Bieber and Grande perform “Love Me Harder” and Bieber remembers all of the words this time. At the end of the song, Bieber gets a little too close to Grande and she puts an end to it right away.

At the end of the video, Bieber and Grande perform “As Long As You Love Me” and Bieber tries to get close to Grande again, and you can tell she’s just not feeling it. Probably because her boyfriend, Big Sean, is in the crowd at the concert.

After seeing this video, people on Twitter started to share an alleged tweet sent by Big Sean.

But, Big Sean just told TMZ that the tweet isn’t real.

Even though Bieber did get close to Grande, it sounds like Big Sean and Bieber are friends. Bieber didn’t seem to think anything of his actions, because he tweeted this after the concert:

As for Big Sean and Grande, everything is good between them. Case closed.