Kendall Jenner: Kim Kardashian’s Style Is ‘Insane’

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When it comes to wardrobe inspirations, Kendall Jenner needs to look no further than her family.

According to the model, who has walked in some of the industry’s biggest runway shows, she looks to big sister Kim Kardashian for style advice. In fact, the 19-year-old says her sibling’s outfit is on point these days that it makes her feel like a fashion victim.

“I really admire Kim’s style,” Jenner gushes in the Beauty Issue of Harper’s Bazaar, in which she also covers. “It’s insane. She really knows how to work her style with her body. I think she could be a major fashion icon.”

She continues, “It’s so fun to be in Paris with her, but I’ll walk out and be like, ‘Oh, my God, I love my outfit,’ and then I’ll see Kim and I’ll be like, ‘My outfit sucks compared to yours!'”

Aside from Kardashian, Jenner says she also loves hanging around model BFFs Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne.

“Just through work,” she explains of how they met. “I think it’s super important. You have to be around these girls for work, for parties, for events, for shows, especially. It’s good to have a set of girlfriends that you can stand being around. You have to be around these people all the time!”

“[Delevingne is] amazingly crazy,” she adds. “We balance each other out. I chill her out and she makes me fun.”

As for Karl Lagerfeld, Jenner also has nothing but great things to say about her boss.

“I’m really shy when I first meet someone — and to meet him was even worse. He would say something to me and I would just nod. It was like meeting a crush or something — I was mute. He probably thought I was the biggest weirdo. And then every time we’d see each other, it would just get better and better. Now we’re totally BFFs,” she says. “I’ve actually learned to be a better model. Whenever I shoot with him, he gives me some tips, little things, pointers. He makes me feel good when I’m working with him — we have good chemistry now.”