Kristen Stewart Remains Coy About Justin Bieber Comparisons in Jenny Lewis Music Video

Happy 25th Birthday Kristen Stewart!

You may or may not have seen Jenny Lewis’s music video “Just One of the Guys” (and if you haven’t you need to), but it features Kristen Stewart dancing alongside Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway while dressed up as bros, and it’s amazing.

So if you didn’t know, now you know Lewis is kind of a big deal and Kristen Stewart is a huge fan. On whether or not K-Stew actually was channelling he who we all think she was channeling (ahem, Justin Bieber) during her music video stint, she wouldn’t say.

Laughing off Conan O’Brien’s question last night (April 8, 2015) on Conan, Stewart jokingly responded with an effortless smile, “In his dreams!”

She then added, “I didn’t even mean that. That was such a cheap, stupid joke.”

But nonetheless her swagger, hairstyle and look in “Just One of the Guys” is the spitting image of Bieber, if not more appealing mustache and all.

Stewart then opened up about meeting the legendary Robert Redford, saying with a laugh she told him, “I feel like I’m going to shit my pants.”

She then gushed about Lewis, telling Conan, “It was a blast. I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to Jenny Lewis. Rilo Kiley is just my favorite band of all time. I was shocked I was even able to do it. I could barely meet her when I met her the first time. And then she’s like ‘Come be a total goofball for a day. It’s just us girls. It’s going to be so much fun.’ I was like if ‘I can breathe enough to do that then I…’ and I did it. I’m proud of myself.”

Stewart, who’s currently promoting Clouds of Sils Maria (in which she stars opposite Juliette Binoche), also opened up about becoming the first American woman to win a César, the French equivalent of an Oscar.

Since the ceremony was all in French, four and a half hours long, and without commercial breaks (to use the bathroom or get a drink), Stewart confessed “I went into a meditative state for that period of time.”

She had an earpiece but only for 30 minutes because then it stopped working, and she said, “I didn’t even know when the category came up that it was mine, I had fallen asleep with my eyes open basically, and then Juliette just screamed in my ear ‘You won!’ and I was just genuinely [surprised].”

When it came to accepting the award for Best Supporting Actress, however, the language barrier and Stewart’s nerves made for an awkward interaction between her and the presenter, which made him perhaps a touch upset.

She added how earlier that day she was joking with her publicist, “She was like, ‘the worst thing that could happen is that you win and you have to go up and address the nation.’ So I was just really nervous and like, I could not open my hands up. I was atrophied completely which is embarrassing, ridiculous, I’m like trying to open up my one sentence of the French…”

Watch Kristen Stewart speak about the Césars with O’Brien in the video below:

They then spoke about their relationships with their assistants (since in Clouds of Sils Maria, Stewart plays Binoche’s assistant in the film) and asking them to buy tampons:

Rewatch Jenny Lewis’s amazing “Just One of the Guys” video: