We Draked 6 Things and Here’s What We Discovered

So in case you missed it, Drake now has his very own search engine on a site entirely dedicated to Drake’ing out anything and everything you could ever type into a search engine… Bye, Felicia Google!

Let Me Drake That For You looks and runs pretty similar to Google, except every single thing you search for will relate back to the rapper. And if you’re a huge fan of Drake like me, well then this is basically the best thing that could ever happen to you on a Friday.

So of course my colleagues here at CELEBUZZ and me spent a good portion of our morning typing things into LMDTFY — an acronym for the site because, YOLO — and here are six things we discovered (if you don’t understand why we chose six, it’s too late):

1. Is Drake Really Jewish? According to LMDTFY: yes.

2. Degrassi. Never forget Jimmy.

3. When Will Beyoncé Release a New Album? Drake says it’s a surprise, and girls love it.

4. New Girlfriend. Who is Bernice Burgos any way?!

Apparently, this article by CELEBUZZ can let you know.

5. Kardashians. According to LMDTFY, Kris Jenner is the only one that matters to drake.


6. Will Drake Evert Date Kendall Fisher? Please please please please please.

Upon searching for the correct answer, this is what it read (I think it must be a sign):

Then this article about Drake not being down to date Nicki Minaj popped up, so I took that as a sign that he’s supposed to date me.

Alright, go ahead and spend the rest of your Friday Drake’ing shit, and thank us later!