10 Kardashian and Jenner GIFs to Celebrate National Sibling Day

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Happy National Sibling Day, friends. If you don’t live in the same city as your sibling(s), we’ve got the next best thing: the brothers and sisters of the Kardashian and Jenner family.

Gather your nearest and dearest (or call them on FaceTime), and mark another year familial love with these 10 things only siblings will understand, courtesy of KimKourtneyKhloe, RobKendallKylie, and Brody:

Siblings will catch you when you fall…


… most of the time.


Siblings are the best because they’ll take selfies with you whenever, wherever.


Siblings will share all the joys of life with you, especially if it involves food.


They give great advice.


They laugh when you laugh…


… and make fun of you when you cry.


They give great high fives.


Will love you no matter what…


… and be your number one ride or die for the rest of your life.


Hug a sibling today, K?

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