Nick Jonas Swarmed By Fans During London Promotional Tour

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Nick Jonas Has Us in Chains
Crazy hot Nick Jonas is being crazy hot again .

Nick Jonas made his first appearance as a solo artist on the legendary Live Lounge sessions of BBC Radio 1 today (April 10, 2015) live from London.

Jonas arrived at BBC Radio 1 Studios and was greeted by a massive crowd of screaming fans on his way inside the studio.

The singer/songwriter performed an acoustic rendition of his pop hit “Jealous” as well as a cover of “King” by Years and Years.

All guest artists who appear on the show must choose a contemporary song from another artist to cover. Nick surprised a few by picking the hit song from the British electronica trio. Take a listen to Nick’s sessions below.

During another appearance this morning, on ITV’s Lorraine, Jonas talked about how presenting a certain image is so important to artists today.

He said: “Being innocent and being perfect is impossible and I think that I feel for a lot of young performers that I see now, who are just sort of understanding that and coming to that moment where you realize that you have to do what is right for you and your growth as a person, go on your own journey.

“I was thankful to have some time to figure that out and to still be here doing what I love but to have gone through a real growth and better understanding of who I am today.”