WATCH: Justin Bieber Kicked Out of Coachella After Being Put in Chokehold at Drake Concert

Justin Bieber was reportedly put in a chokehold and then kicked out of Coachella on Sunday, (April 12, 2015). Watch the video below!

The 21-year-old singer was trying to go through the artist’s entrance at Drake’s show with his crew when they were stopped by security, according to TMZ. The security told the group that “the area was at capacity and they couldn’t come in.”

It sounds like Bieber and his crew showed that they had the proper credentials to be in the area, but the security wouldn’t let them enter. Bieber tried to explain, telling security that he couldn’t stand in the big crowd, he would be “bombarded by fans.”

Bieber went on to explain that Drake had invited him to the show, but security still wouldn’t let him through. When Bieber wouldn’t back down, security got pissed.

During the chaos, a Coachella staff member came up to Bieber, saying she would walk him inside the artist’s entrance. When they started to walk inside, a Coachella security member “came up from behind Bieber and put him in a chokehold.” That’s when Bieber’s entourage had an altercation with the security, and Bieber was told to leave Coachella.

Here’s the video:


According to Bieber sources, he left voluntarily. Plus, he’s even thinking about taking legal action against the Coachella security.

This was definitely an eventful weekend for Bieber, filled with controversy. On Thursday (April 9, 2015), he posted an intimate Instagram photo of him and Kendall Jenner. The next day, he reportedly ruined Leonardo DiCaprio’s night. Then the next day, Bieber and Jenner were spotted getting cozy again at a Coachella party.

A weekend of drama!