WATCH: Madonna Makes Out With Drake During Coachella Performance

Drake Date
Madonna says she'd like Drake to take her out on a date.

Madonna finally got her wish.

After the singer revealed her “lifelong ambition” to kiss Drake, Madonna had it her way — and then some — when she made a surprise appearance during the Canadian rapper’s Coachella set on Sunday night.

While belting out “Express Yourself,” the 56-year-old stole a kiss from the “Started From the Bottom” emcee, who was seat in a chair on stage at the time. After grabbing Drake’s head and tossing it back, Madonna planted a wet one on his lips to the delight of many screaming fans. During the lengthy make out session, Drake even tried to return the affection by cradling Madonna’s head, only to have the singer swat away his hand to show who’s really in charge of the situation.

Following the steamy kiss, Drake was seen wiping his mouth as Madonna finished her portion of the show. Before, the singer had also performed “Human Nature” and “Hung Up.”

Previously, Drake had released a song about Madge — aptly titled “Madonna” — on his on his new mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Flattered, Madonna wrote back to Drake on Instagram:

Guess hey finally got that “date.” But seriously though, why is everyone so into doing things to Drake while he’s sitting down?