WATCH: Fake or Not, Dennis Quaid Losing His Sh*t on a Movie Set Is Truly Remarkable

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King of Outbursts
Kanye West's very best.

Dennis Quaid does a really good Christian Bale

Quaid is making headlines this week thanks to a video of the 61-year-old actor going completely bonkers on a movie set.

“What the f*ck, keep going,” he screams while standing behind a desk. “I am acting here and this dickhead wonders onto my set. I can’t even get a line out until dopey the dick starts whispering iny our ear and you’re not watching anymore.”

Quaid goes on to name call everyone on set, using words like “fu*king zombies,” “pussies.” One lucky individual is a “fu*cking baby,” according to the Far From Heaven star. His last two words in the 43-second clip are also pretty golden.

As with most things that go viral, some believe the Quaid rant is a fake. Consider the many, many comments on Reddit. Or BuzzFeed’s trusty poll. Some are screaming Jimmy Kimmel Live. Others say, let the actor express his true feelings.

Watch and make your own judgment, above.