Farrah Abraham Wants to Become a Plastic Surgeon

What Went Wrong
Farrah Abraham explains what happened with her botched lip injections.
Farrah the Blow Up Doll
Yes, a Farrah Abraham blow up doll exists.

Farrah Abraham is a woman of many things — mother, porn “sex tape” star, erotic novel author, sex toy model — and now she’s aiming to be a doctor.

The Teen Mom OG star, who has already undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures in the past, says she now hopes to become a plastic surgeon to “inspire” people to “fulfill their best selves.”

“From seeing the best and the worst in the industry and experiencing it as well, it has me wanting to pursue and achieve the best in education to help men and women from trauma scenarios to reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries,” she tells Gossip Cop. “It is incredible how important doctors our to our society and how they help individuals live up to their full potential in life. I hope to inspire and help others fulfill their best selves as I do my best to become the top doctor in the nation in my future.”

Abraham, 23, also reveals that she’ll be shadowing Dr. Sergio Alvarez, a plastic surgeon based out of Miami, Fla., this summer to get sense of the profession.

“I look forward to adding a doctorate to my other degrees and expanding into another field. I have a lot of passion and experience with aesthetic surgery and look forward to helping men and women all over the world,” she says

“I want to learn through my upcoming mentorship from Dr. Alvarez about dermatology, and the new frontier of healthy and safe practices, from injectables to facial surgeries at first, then continuing education into breast augmentation and botox procedures,” Abraham continues. “I hope to sit in on surgeries to help myself understand the system and safe practices.”

As a patient, Abraham previously underwent two separate breast augmentation surgeries and received cheek fillers, a chin implant and a nose job. She was also sent to the emergency room earlier this year after having a severe allergic reaction during a lip injections routine. In January, the mom-of-one said that she was also considering getting butt implants.