25 Famous Hockey Fans to Celebrate the 2015 NHL Playoffs

Dog Hockey
Go Dachshund Go!

These celebrities like hockey and they don’t care who knows.

With the 2015 NHL Playoffs set to begin tonight (Apr. 15, 2015), Celebuzz is taking a look at some of the famous faces often seen in the stands. Some have cheered from the comfort of their VIP boxes, while others have enjoyed the good ‘ol hockey game while rubbing shoulders with your cousin Fran or uncle Bob.

In the Eastern Conference, the Montreal Canadians will take on the Ottawa Senators while the Washington Capitals face the NY Islanders at home. On the west coast, the Nashville Predators will play the Chicago Blackhawks as the Vancouver Canucks battle it out with fellow Canadian team, the Calgary Flames. Eight other teams are scheduled to duke it out in first round matches on Thursday. (Full schedule here).

Let’s hope no one dozes off or gets told the most boring story in the universe. (We’re looking at you, SJP).

Launch the gallery, above, for 25 celebrities who love the game of hockey.