WATCH: Taylor Swift Filmed a Weird Car Commercial in China, Made More Millions

Taylor Swift filmed two super trippy Toyota Camry Hybrid car commercials that will only be aired in China for which she probably made bank. Naturally, it has surfaced on the Internet for the rest of the world to see.

Set to her new song from her latest album 1989, “Wildest Dreams,” Swift is dressed in red as she performs with Chinese piano prodigy Li Yundi.

Update — Apr. 16, 12:00 p.m. ET:

Unfortunately the videos have been pulled everywhere from the Internet (sneaky sneaky, Swift). So please enjoy this GIF until any trace of the videos reappear:


This isn’t the first oversees commercial Swift has done. Last year she starred in a seatbelt advocacy commercial for Toyota Asia Pacific:

Not to mention Swift has been the face of Diet Coke and Keds, and “Wildest Dreams” has already appeared in a commercial for Target.

American celebs starring in commercials oversees is not a new thing. Leonardo DiCaprio, his man bun and Robert De Niro filmed a Martin Scorsese-directed commercial in the Phillippines endorsing a casino earlier this year, while George Clooney starred in a three-part Norwegian commercial for DnB bank, thus proving even the most wealthy of them are willing to endorse some product in some country for a very pretty, and very lucrative price (aka MILLIONS of dollars).

And let’s not forget what happened on our own soil: those now legendary Lincoln car commercials starring Matthew McConaughey.