Kim Kardashian Deemed ‘Pornographic Symbol’ and Censored by Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Website

TIME may have dubbed Kim Kardashian one of their 100 Most Influential People (a “Titan” alongside her husband, Kanye West), but in Israel, an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish website considers her a “pornographic symbol.”

They edited out her image, and even her name, on their website.

Kikar HaShabbat’s editor Nissim Ben Haim explained on Wednesday (April 15, 2015) why the image of Kardashian, seated with West and the mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, was altered as such:


In an article translated from Hebew to English, Haim explained the paper chose to remove her from the photo as well as her name (she was referred to as “Kanye West’s wife throughout the article) because the 34-year-old reality TV star is a “pornographic symbol” and outside the realm of their traditional Ultra-Orthodox values.

Furthermore, he wrote, “Within the insular Ultra-Orthodox community, pictures of women often aren’t shown out of modesty.”

Mayor Barkat posted the original, unedited photo to his Facebook, captioning it, “Raising a glass to Jerusalem with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! I asked them to serve as Jerusalem’s ambassadors and spread the word that Jerusalem is an open city and welcomes everyone.”


The website had also taken shots at Mayor Barkat for being “insensitive” because he took Kardashian and West to a non-kosher restaurant, and wasn’t mindful of “the majority of city residents who keep kosher.”

It was noted that the mayor did not, however, eat any non-kosher portions of the meal, like buttered chicken au gratin, himself.

While in Jerusalem, Kardashian and West notably baptized their daughter North, 22-months-old, at Saint James Cathedral, a 12th century Armenian Church.