Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper Had Dinner Together (and You Weren’t Invited)

Hottest. Dinner date. Ever.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper failed to go incognito earlier this week when the actors were spotted enjoying a meal together at Nobu in Malibu, Calif.

DiCaprio, 40, donned his signature newsboy cap while B-Coops, also 40, stayed casual in a classic white tee. (Unfortunately, Leo’s beard is still very much alive and growing).

Naturally, the gentlemen were surrounded by a bevy of ladies, but who knows, maybe they were also waiting for their vehicles and just happened to run into the guys.

Let’s hope the following topics were discussed over DiCaprio and Cooper’s sushi meal:

  • Being 40
  • Heartbreak songs
  • Sexiest Man Alive prizes vs. Academy Award nominations
  • Coachella Weekend One
  • Models
  • Blonde models
  • Wish list of actors to play Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper on the big screen in 20 years

Launch the gallery, above, for more photos of Leo and B-Coops’ Nobu man date.